NEW AND IMPROVED! The new and improved WBLG-DB-RADIO is now streaming twenty four hours per day, seven days per week and fifty two weeks per year. We primarily serve the Akron, Canton and Cleveland area of Northeast Ohio with the coolest sounds featuring Motown, R & B and Soul blended with the soothing sounds of Smooth Jazz. We welcome you as a loyal listener no matter who you are or where you live anywhere in the world. If you have a favorite Motown, R & B, Soul or Smooth Jazz song you wish to hear, please send us a message and we will add it to our every growing playlist of the best music heard anywhere.

We are also excited to announce WBLG-DB-RADIO has become a “commercial-free” radio station whereas each hour of our music blocks are sponsored by an individual, organization or business with absolutely no commercial breaks other than an occasional promotional announcement at the bottom of each hour for our upcoming late night talk show. This new format allows WBLG-DB-RADIO to offer a more enjoyable listening experience for all of our listeners. Why not make WBLG-DB-RADIO your new and preferred daytime listen at work radio station?

ALSO COMING SOON! In late November 2021 stay tuned for a new and exciting concept in live late night Talk Radio. The Barry Ganoe Radio Show on the new WBLG-DB-RADIO will feature a unique “positive” talk show based upon a variety of topics encouraging participation from our listeners while offering an exchange of ideas and problem solving solutions. This format will not promote “left wing” or “right wing” political ideas or rhetoric but common sense and practical dialogue with positive and uplifting thoughts and ideas concerning everyday life. SPECIAL NOTICE: Due to some unforeseen health issues The Barry Ganoe Radio Show will be delayed until further notice. Please check in periodically to find the new launch date for the show.

ENJOY! The new and improved WBLG-DB-RADIO!

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