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It has been several months since we launched the new WBLG-DB-RADIO, and thanks to our loyal listeners the radio station has been growing and evolving. We are proud of the fact our radio station is “commercial free” thus offering a more enjoyable listening experience for all of our listeners. We are truly a preferred listen at work, home or anywhere radio station. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions. Just drop us an email to

We have been planning the launch of The Barry Ganoe Talk Radio Show over the past few months. Unfortunately we have encountered multiple delays due to health problems and technical glitches however if everything falls into place The Barry Ganoe Talk Radio Show will officially launch in late December 2021.

The Barry Ganoe Talk Radio Show will be a new concept in interactive talk radio with a viewpoint from the center. The center is a large segment of the population that is often ignored or drowned out by right wing and left wing cultural and political rhetoric. It’s time people in the center can have their own platform to share their thoughts and offer positive and uplifting solutions to problems often ignored or altered by extremes found at both ends of the spectrum.

Today, I encourage each and everyone of you to send us your “positive” thoughts and ideas on how to solve problems and strive to make this a better world for everyone!

Thanks and kind regards always,

Barry L. Ganoe

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